Saturday, May 10, 2014

Me Made May // Week Two

Another week of Me-Made-May is down, so it's time for another round-up of what I wore!

Day 4:

Top: Reversible Shoreline Boatneck in cotton gauze (unblogged)
Skirt: Fiona Faux Wrap Skirt (unblogged)

I really love this outfit and it is one I would not have worn if I wasn't participating in MMM! I made the skirt about 3 years ago when I first got into sewing clothing, but I have only worn it once or twice. Part of the problem is I don't have very many tops that go with it and it is cotton, so it's not a great choice for MN winters. I will be wearing it more this summer now that I know I actually like wearing it!

Day 5:

Top: Coco 
Skirt: corduroy Route 66 skirt (unblogged)

This was a nice comfortable outfit, perfect for starting my week of finals! I have worn it before because I have very solid color skirts that are me-made.

Day 6:

Bebe Dress 

I decided to wear my Bebe Dress for my last day of school. I'm officially done with my junior year! I had a group presentation and this dress was a perfect choice.

Day 7:

Top: Reversible Shoreline Boatneck in cotton gauze (unblogged)

Day 8:

This was a perfect comfy outfit for a day of relaxing!

 Day 9:

Dolman Top
Route 66 denim skirt (unblogged)

Blue was Friday's theme in the Flickr group so I wore my favorite blue shirt with this long skirt. It was a comfortable outfit for moving home from college. How awesome is this library?! It's in my college town and it amazes me every time. There are so many books and it has a vintage feel too it. It is one of the historical buildings in town. I thought it made the perfect setting for a picture.

Day 10:

Circle Skirt (unblogged)

I wore blue again today! This outfit was perfect for my day spent sewing.

How is Me-Made-May going for you? I managed to wear all me-made clothing again this week and I have found new outfit combinations! I moved home from college yesterday and cleaned out my closet. I found 8 skirts that either don't fit or I don't wear anymore so I decided to get rid of them. It feels good to clean my closet but I find it hard to get rid of clothes I made! How do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of in your handmade wardrobe?



  1. Great job with the Me-made's this week! That bebe dress is just so stunning - perfect for the last day of school. congrats on junior year down, 1 more to go!
    I have a hard time letting go of me-made's too, so I don't have any tips for you ;-)

  2. Its funny isn't it. me mades are a bit special so..... you could always turn them into something else.... or just restyle them with new accessories.
    I love that collar on your parisian top - will have to make one for me one day soon