Friday, January 10, 2014

Maxi Skirt Success

Have you heard about the Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge over at Crazy Little Projects? Each month this year, there will be a sewing challenge with a chance to win prizes! You can pick from a few different projects and sew that project. Then you can show it off and enter to win the giveaway! I decided to participate this month and chose to sew the maxi skirt.
I used this tutorial from The Train to Crazy and it was a success! I have tried making knit maxi skirts before, but none of them have been as perfect as this skirt. Andrea shows you how to use the slash and spread method when making your pattern, which is such a great idea! Most maxi skirt tutorials only have you using your waist and length measurement. I like this method, because you know the skirt will actually fit over your hips since you spread the pattern apart until you reach your hip measurement.
The only thing I did differently when following the tutorial was to make a yoga waistband instead of using elastic. I cut it out at 14 inches wide by my waist measurement. That way when I fold it in half, the waistband is about 7 inches. I also hemmed my skirt, but you don't have to since knits don't fray.
This skirt is a new favorite! It is perfect and feels so summery. Maybe it will help me forget about the subzero temperatures we've been having (although it is starting to warm up)! 


  1. It looks great! I love maxi's but haven't had too much success either. I'll have to try that tutorial. You can always wear your skirt sunday - 38 degrees is practically summer! ;-)