Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Go To Signature Dress

Hello! I finally have a sewing project to show you. This is the Signature Dress from Go To Patterns. It's a size 3 for my littlest sister, Miss V. I let her pick the fabric, but she hasn't seen it yet, so I hope she likes it!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: A Year in Review

It the last day of the year and I thought it would be fun to look back and see what I've accomplished this year.

I kept track of every single thing I sewed in 2014 by writing it down in a notebook. I have not blogged it all, but that's okay. My total was 56 garments. Out of those, 36 were made for me. I did a lot of sewing for my little sisters and some for my mom this year too. 

All of the patterns I sewed were from Indie designers. I did not sew anything from the big pattern companies such as Simplicity or McCalls. I really prefer Indie patterns because they are just really thought out and have excellent instructions. The designers are always more than willing to help you out too! 

Now, here are my top 5 favorites from 2014:

This was also my most popular blog post of the year. I wear this top a lot - it is just so comfortable! It is also a really fun print, but not too over the top. It is definitely a keeper for my wardrobe. 

This is another top I wear consistently, especially in the winter. The sweater knit is so cozy and it is a great fit. The hidden side pockets are nice too. 

I love this dress! I made it to wear on Easter, but I have worn it many times since then! It fits perfectly and the voile is so nice to wear. I really like the empire waist and the pattern is from my favorite designer, Kay Whitt. It was also the first dress I added a lining to. 

This is a recently made dress, so I haven't had many chances to wear it, but it is definitely a favorite! I love the fit, the detail of the waistband and the pleated skirt. I'm wore it for Christmas and I'm planning on wearing it again to a Christmas dance. 

5) The City Girl Top

I made this top last month, and it is still unblogged with no pictures. I hope to blog about it soon! It is a pattern from See Kate Sew. I used turquoise sweater knit and a grey jersey knit. It has 3/4 length sleeves and a cowl collar. 

Now, here are my 5 least favorites from 2014. 

I have mixed feelings about this one. I liked it when I made it, but I've worn it once, maybe twice. I just feel like the skirt is too full and draws attention to my waist area too much. It is definitely warm as the fabric is a wool blend. 

This is a dress I had been wanting to make for a long time. I got the pattern a few years ago and had never had a chance to make it. It is from Kay Whitt. I like the pattern enough - the fit is great. The only part that puts this dress into the least favorites category is the fabric. It is so bright and so busy with all the prints. I have worn it once. It makes me feel really self-conscious when I wear it. What do you think? Keep it or not?

This skirt has been taken out of my closet. I liked it well enough when I finished, but it is just too big. The pants I started with were too big to begin with. 

4) Oceanside Pants

I never blogged about these, but it is a new pattern from Melly Sews. It's a drawstring waist pants pattern and I made mine out of linen. The linen is a purplish color, so to begin with it is hard to match with tops. The main problem is that the back rise is way to low, so bending over and sitting is a problem. I wore these a couple times, but I think I will have to try again and alter the pattern to fit me better. 

I wear this top occasionally, but it has a few issues. First, I did not sew the collar right because the directions were not clear. By the end of a day of wear it kind of sags down at the middle. I also don't like the black waistband. It's not the color but the fabric. It was very stretchy fabric, so it doesn't quite work as a band, but it's what I had in my stash at the time. I do think I'll keep this one for awhile yet and it's a pattern I'd like to make again. 

All in all, I had a great year! I am looking forward to what 2015 will bring, especially graduation!! One of my sewing goals for next year is to make myself a jacket. I would also like to make a dress to wear for my pinning ceremony.

Happy New Year to you all!!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pineapple Lady Skater

Hello! I have a new Lady Skater dress to show you made in pineapple knit fabric! I have been eyeing this pineapple fabric from Girl Charlee for a long time. My mom surprised me with it after I finished all my finals a few weeks ago and I decided to make a new dress for myself.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


I am so happy that this semester is finally over!!

Hello friends! It is the most wonderful time of the year!!! I am finally finished with my seventh semester of college and will be heading home soon for a whole month of rest and relaxation! Today I thought I would do a different kind of post. Olivia, from Fresh Modesty did a similar post and I thought it was such a cool idea and gives you a little peak into my live right now. Hope you enjoy!


Right now I am...

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Zoe Dress

Hello all and Happy December! A couple months ago, my roommate and I had a sewing weekend. It was so fun to just sew and not think about school for awhile. I made the Zoe Dress from Serendipity Studio. It is a fabulous retro style dress with a full, deep pleated skirt and curved waistband. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sally Dress

Happy November! I hope you are all doing well. I am studying hard and counting down each day until the end of the semester! I have not had a lot of time for sewing or blogging, but I though I would share this dress I made over the summer. It's the Sally Dress from Very Shannon and I made it way back in August.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Wildflower Tops

This is the Wildflower Top from Blank Slate Patterns. It's a knit top pattern with a choice of short sleeves, bell sleeves, or long sleeves. For this turquoise top, I chose the bell sleeves and I love how it drapes so nicely. The under bodice is layered under the deep V front bodice and it is perfect because it adds extra coverage without too much bulk.