Saturday, May 31, 2014

Me Made May // Week Five

Day 25: 

This outfit was a repeat...I wore it back at the beginning of May, but I needed something comfy to wear. I had worked two overnights in a row and slept for a good part of the day, so this dress was perfect. 

Day 26: 

Eiffel Tower Top (unblogged)

This may be my new favorite top. It's the Miss Mod Top from Seamingly Smitten and I hope to blog about it soon! I just love the fabric - it has Eiffel Towers all over it!

Day 27: 

Bess Top (unblogged)
Self-drafted grey knit skirt (unblogged)

My mom suggested this outfit because I wanted to wear the top but I didn't know what to wear it with. It was so comfy and I will most likely wear it again!

Day 28: 

This is my newest dress and it is so comfortable! 

Day 29:
Diane Kimono Top (unblogged)
Everyday Knit skirt (unblogged)

Day 30: 
no picture for today. I moved to camp for my summer job and was unable to get a picture. I did wear my white/grey knit skirt from day 24 (unblogged) with this top

Day 31: 

No picture again, but my outfit is a exact repeat from day 27. 

Me-Made-May is over, but I will continue to wear me-made clothing. I won't be taking pictures everyday though! I like having the pictures because it helps me see all the outfits I put together but it did get a little tiring at the end. I will be working at a summer camp for half the summer and almost all the clothes I packed are me-made items! I hardly thought about it while packing but I guess I've gotten so used to wearing my me-made clothing all the time. 

How did Me-Made-May end for you? 



  1. You made it! Great job :D I found the picture taking to be difficult, and it got old fast! I love seeing your outfit combinations.
    Have fun at camp!