Friday, May 23, 2014

Parisian Top and Maxi Skirt // Made by my Mom

Today, I am sharing some sewing projects made by my mom. Recently she made a very pretty Parisian Top and green knit skirt for herself. 

The brown floral knit is some I have had in my stash for the longest time. There was about 2 yards of it and I had found it at the thrift store. When my mom asked if she could make a top out of it I thought that was a great idea! I think it looks so pretty as a top, especially with the green collar. 

You can see the lovely gathered sleeves and a side view of the collar here. When I made both of my Parisians, I had a lot of trouble with the collars. My mom did not have any problems with fitting the collar.

The fit is perfect! My mom left off the bottom band and lengthened her top just as I did in my second Parisian top. 

The skirt is a basic a-line maxi skirt with a yoga waistband. The knit is a cotton jersey from Girl Charlee. My mom made the waistband out of the same knit as her top. 

Also, since knit does not fray, my mom decided to just overlock the bottom edge instead of hemming. I like the wavy look and it makes the sewing time much faster when you don't hem! 

This is a nice comfortable outfit that my mom has been able to wear many times already! She says she would make the top again and that it challenged her sewing skills since she has never made a collar before. I think the outfit looks great and that she did a wonderful job!


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  1. Yay for mom! She does look great. I really like the pattern of the knit top and the collar matches perfectly. Plus, maxi skirts are always great in the summer :D