Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wallets and Cute Little Brothers!

A few weeks ago, I went to visit my aunt and uncle. It has been a tradition every summer for the past five years now. Every year we do something a little different, but we always have a lot of fun!! My uncle cooks the best food when I'm there too. This year, we sewed some cute little wallets.

Here's mine:

I have been using my wallet a lot! It is just the right size for your phone, keys, money, credit cards, a pen and small notepad, and whatever else you want to bring for quick trips to the grocery store.

The above picture shows the best part of the wallet! The back pocket snaps shut. Do you know how? A metal tape measure! I think it is such a neat idea!

The pattern is called "Keep the Change," by the Stitchin' Sisters. It is a quick project too. It took my aunt and I about 4 hours. I have made more now, and each time I make one it is faster.

I came home from my visit, and my almost 4 year old brother saw my wallet. "I want one!" he said. His cuteness was too hard to resist and he kept asking for one. I had the perfect fabric in mind - Thomas the Train. He got his wallet and he is one happy little boy!

Although the wallet is small, it is very durable. Each piece, except the handle has interfacing in it.

The wallet is made using two fabrics - outside and lining. The lining is also used for the back pocket.

Isn't he adorable? Look how happy and cute he is! I even got a hug for making a wallet for him.



  1. Great little wallets and such a handy little size.

  2. Your wallet is soo cute! The fabric is adorable! :)

    Charlotte Boyer