Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Scrap Map and An Idea

Last year, I came across this tutorial from See Kate Sew. It was a scrap map and I wanted to make it immediately. What seamstress doesn't have scraps? Who wouldn't want a map made out of fabric? It took awhile, but I finally finished it.

The project requires a printed map, scraps, heat and bond, an iron, a piece of muslin for the background, and sewing machine. You cut fabric scraps and heat and bond pieces big enough to cut the state out. You cut each state out, fuse them onto the muslin and then topstitch around each piece.

The topstitching was definitely the most difficult, especially around the smaller states. I used mostly cotton scraps. However, I used a piece of flannel for Minnesota because it's cold here. I used a piece of fleece for Alaska because it's really cold there.
All in all, it was a very fun project! Maybe I'll make another one someday. I have more than enough scraps!
Tonight I had the most wonderful idea after talking to my friend! She wants to start a knitting club at her college and that got me thinking...I could start a sewing club at my college!! People tell me all the time that the wish they knew how to sew. Sewing is my passion and I would love to share it with others! We could have "learn to sew" meetings.

I thought it would be great to incorporate community service projects. Hospitals always need blankets! I have made some dresses for "Little Dresses for Africa," so that could be an option. I'm excited just thinking about it!

Do you have any ideas for me? I think it would be a wonderful opportunity, but I would love to hear any suggestions!



  1. Love the map! I see you gave Wisconsin a cheese fabric :D awesome!

    Your idea is great. You might want to check out "Quilts for Kids" You can also see via the website if your local area has a chapter. Basically they mail you most of the stuff to make a quilt, you provide the batting and return shipping. You make the quilt and send it back to them. They give it to a child in the hospital. Very cool!

  2. I just luv your colorful blanket of the United States!-the thick "warmer" fabric for the cold states is too cute! I want a US blanket!lol Do you sell them? My four year old daughter asked for a "globe" for Christmas last year. I had one as a child so when she showed an interest I was more than excited to get her one. I have since gotten her a dry erase map & lately have been thinking of how I could do a fun colorful map- maybe scrapbook paper, fabric w/ModgePodge, idk? -something to hang on the wall. I think that it is a wonderful idea to donate your blankets! What about to nursing homes(?) I know that the elderly are generally cold more often than not & I think a nursing home(LTCF-Long Term Care Facility)would be easier/quicker to donate to. As a nurse I am just wondering about a hospital & their need for aseptic environment & sick children but I'm sure somebody at the above (quiltsforkids) would have that information. Just another option for your beaut blankets to keep warm & be enjoyed: ) I think you should def start a "sewing group". I just can't sew. I wish the talent/skill of sewing was genetic, I'd be an awesome seamstress like my mother, & I'd be making all of my daughters clothes! isn't in the genes, so here I am, just woo'n & wow'n the great things a seamstress + creativity can produce. I have sew~envy & think you should teach as many people as possible. It seems that not many sew these days. Do they have "home ec" in schools anymore? I know that is where I did most of my sewing. Thank you for sharing your talent~ your gift~

  3. LOVE IT!

    Thank you for sharing the original link (so I can try my hand at making one, too!).