Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Busy, but Wonderful Week!

So much has happened this week!! Thank you to everyone who commented on my dress! You all left such sweet comments! I linked my dress up to Sugar Bee Crafts for Take a look Tuesday and I found out I was featured!! I was shocked. I never imagined being featured on there.
Thanks for making my day!

I mentioned I would be entering my dress in the fair. Judging was Tuesday for Clothing and Quilting projects. There are two parts to judging. For construction they judge how well you made it. For Fashion Revue they judge how it looks on you and you model your outfit. I got a blue ribbon that afternoon, but we had to come back later for the public fashion revue where you model your outfit for an audience and find out if you won any other awards.
Modeling my outfit for the public fashion revue
My adorable sister modeling her outfit in her first fashion revue!
I won Senior Division Grand Champion and Overall Grand Champion for Construction. The judge really liked it when I talked to her; she said it reminded her of a dress she wore when she was a little girl. I won Senior Division Grand Champion and Overall Reserve Champion for Fashion Revue. I was so happy and shocked and excited!!! I have never won any ribbons higher than a blue for my clothing projects. This is my last year in 4-H, so I am very happy. I am going out with a bang! I hope to go to state fair for either construction or fashion revue.
On Wednesday, I took my state test to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The written test wasn't hard and was only 70 multiple-choice questions. The clinical part was harder. You had to perform five skills in front of a tester. You had to be careful to remember little things like providing privacy and washing hands or you could lose points. I had to do washing hands, taking pulse, help feed my partner, do passive range of motion, and give a partial bed bath. Guess what? I PASSED!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy!!
On Thursday, I could finally relax. I just got back today from spending three days at my aunt and uncle's house. I had a great time. We sewed, went to a bluegrass outdoor concert, the farmer's market, we went running, had good food and a lot of fun! I will be posting about some of our sewing projects soon. They were small, but turned out so cute!
That's my busy week in a (large) nutshell. What did you do this week?



  1. You've had a busy and very satisfying week. Congrats!!!

  2. Congrats! I"m so happy for you. That dress is amazing so I hoped you would win!

  3. That's wonderful! Way to go! :D

  4. That is GREAT! good job! Your dress deserved to win!