Tuesday, August 7, 2012

19 things before 20

Last week, I turned 19 years old. Where does time go? I had a wonderful day spent with my family. We walked around our town's czech festival and I enjoyed some frozen yogurt with my mom.

My mom made an amazing Triple Chocolate Cake. Doesn't it look delicious? I blew all 19 candles out in one try. We had mint ice cream to go with it.

My little sister is learning to sew. She made me a pillowcase with horses on it for my birthday. She is such a sweet sister! My 11 year old brother made me a card with 19 pennies on it in the shape of the number 19. It was so cool! I also got 19 pennies from my 7 year old brother.

My parents gave me a necklace and earring set, a pattern for a dress and some fabric.

Here's a picture of my birthday outfit:

The top is the Diane Kimono Dress pattern, from Serendipity Studio cut in tunic length. It is so comfortable to wear and it was easy to make! There is no zipper, it just slips right over your head. It is a perfect project for seamstresses of all sewing levels.

Once on a blog I saw a list of things to do before their next birthday. I was inspired, so here's my "19 things before 20" list:

19 things before 20

1.      Apply and be accepted to the Nursing Program at my school.

2.      Keep blogging consistently and write a tutorial.

3.      Run a half marathon.

4.      Take my siblings on a camping trip.

5.      Hike up the bluffs by my college.

6.      Sew another dress.

7.      Make an entire meal for my family.  

8.      Have a sewing party with friends from college.

9.      Wake up early and run before sunrise.

10.  Don’t complain about anything for a week.

11.  Learn how to Ballroom Dance.

12.  Go without junk food for a whole week.

13.  Learn a new song on my violin.

14.  See “The Hobbit” in 3D.

15.  Go kayaking.

16.  Have a roommate dinner night.

17.  Sew something for each of my roommates.

18.  Spend a whole day with my little sister.  

19.  Vote in a presidential election.



  1. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. Your outfit is lovely. Have fun doing 19 things before 20...

  2. well, wish 19's coming up too fast! lol :) Get up and run B4 dawn!? THAT'S AWESOME! if i didn't fear the animals (i live in the boonies) that would be phenomenal!)