Friday, August 7, 2015

Marigold Peplum

This may be my new favorite top! I've been wanting to make the Marigold for at least a year now and I finally got around to it, with the perfect fabric. The Marigold Pattern is from Blank Slate Patterns and it offers so many options. I wanted to make the dress, but I was short on fabric, so I went with the peplum. The pattern also comes with a skirt option, long sleeves, and high-low peplum.

Why not have a photo shoot in the library? And near the Jane Austen section? Perfect! 

I found this reversible fabric at Joann's and took advantage of both sides! I love how it looks and the blue adds some color to the mostly white top. 

This was my first time sewing a button placket, but Melissa's instructions were very clear and easy to follow! I found the perfect blue buttons I had matching thread in my stash. 

The subtle gathers at the sleeves take the place of darts. 

I decided to be fancy and use a decorative stitch on my machine. It's not perfect, but I like how it looks. I just got my machine back from being repaired and now it sews just like new! It's amazing what a cleaning can do (and a new foot pedal!).

I  love my new Marigold top! I have the perfect fabric for a dress version, which I hope to make soon! 

Also, thanks for the feedback on my question in my last post! I've decided to keep my blog name as 'The College Seamstress'. I like it and although I graduated now, my blog name goes back to when I started blogging. :)

What have you been sewing lately? 



  1. Fantastic top! I love that fabric!! The fit looks great and the colors look great on you, too. For a first time button placket you did an amazing job!

  2. Always loved how this pattern came out in this fabric!