Thursday, July 16, 2015

Exciting News

Hello! I hope July is treating you well. Graduation has come and gone (2 months ago already!) and I spent most of June studying for my licensure exam to become a nurse. Talk about stressful! It still felt like I was in school as I was studying almost everyday. I spent those lovely days of June at the library or the local coffee shop surrounded by nursing books and answering practice question after practice question.

Well, the long awaited day finally arrived and ready or not, I was going to take that exam! To say I was nervous is more than an understatement!  The minimum number of questions I would have to answer was 75, and the maximum was 265 with a 6 hour time limit. I got to question number 76 and after pressing 'next' my screen turned blue. My test was over and I had no idea if I passed or failed. I didn't even feel much relief that it was over.

My state board of nursing posts the results online within 24 hours. The waiting time was the worst and really tested my patience. My results were posted the next morning and I PASSED! I passed my test! It is still exciting every time I think about it. I am officially a registered nurse.


July has been a great month so far. I have been able to enjoy my summer without opening any nursing textbooks. I went on vacation with some of my siblings. I've actually been reading books for fun. I brought my youngest siblings to the zoo. I've been applying for jobs. I also have some sewing projects cut out, but my sewing machine is in the repair shop at the moment. I hope to have it back soon!

The view from our recent vacation. So beautiful!
Now, I have a question for all of you. I named my blog 'The College Seamstress' because I was a freshman in college when I started getting more into blogging. I'm a college graduate now, so I can't really call myself 'The College Seamstress'. I plan to keep blogging, but should I keep my blog name or change it to something else? And if so, what should I change it to? I would really appreciate any input you have!



  1. Congratulations on passing your test!! That's so exciting! I know the wait to hear big news like that painful with tension! That's a tricky one about your name- it is your root and where you came from, but maybe you could just add the Post-College Seamstress if you don't want to change it too much or the After College Seamstress. Or just change it all up to whatever seems most relevant to you now. :)

  2. Congrats congrats!! That is a major accomplishment :D
    Good luck on your job hunting. And I rather like the name of your blog ;-)

  3. Huge congratulations on passing your exam!!! That is such a wonderful accomplishment, and you should be so proud of all the hard work and dedication that went into it. :) As for re-naming your blog, I think transitions like this are a great excuse for a fresh start, so I vote for something new and different - whatever inspires you.

  4. Congratulations on your RN and success on your job hunt.
    While it is good to have a fresh start, I think most readers are used to your current name. Perhap to freshen it up you could be The College (Graduate) Seamstress.
    But in the end, it's up to you!
    Enjoy your summer. You've worked hard!