Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Favorite Accessory

With the weather we've been having here, you definitely need something to cover your ears when you step outside! These embellished earwarmers are just the thing and I've been wearing mine everywhere!

I received Kay Whitt's newest book, Sew Serendipity Sewing Workbook, for Christmas and this was one of the projects in the Winter section. The book has many tips and tricks from Kay and 8 different projects separated by season. There's also room for taking notes - I've been using the note section to keep track of all the projects I make this year!

This earwarmer project is completely handsewn and features wool and fleece as well as hand embroidery and beads. I don't know a lot about embroidery, but this project uses a simple backstitch and I was able to learn it quickly after looking up a tutorial online.

The flower is made from six heart shapes and leaves a cool three dimensional effect once you sew it on the headband. The headband attaches behind your head with velcro.

These headband make great gifts too! I made one on New Year's Eve for myself (the one I'm wearing in the picture) and another one New Years Day for my aunt. They are quick to sew and would be great for on the go projects since you don't need a sewing machine. I already have ideas for more color options! I'm thinking red fleece, black wool, a red wool flower and red beads.

Perfect for cold winter days!
Do you prefer to wear a hat or headband in the cold?



  1. cute! This would be great for my daughter too. She loves these. I usually wear a hat, a thick one made of hemp that I picked up over 10 years ago when my son was a baby. lol. The thing is lined with fleece over the ears and is super warm - but itchy. I would love an earwarmer like yours because my hair gets really messed up with the hat ;-)

  2. Those turned out so cute!! I really love the 3D flower! And I bet they are quite effective at keeping your ears warm!