Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Decorated Plate {A Guest Post by my Sister}

Hello Everyone! Today, I have a special post for you. My little sister, K, is here to tell you about a craft she did over winter break. K is 11 years old and loves to do all kinds of crafts including sewing, quilting, latch hook, knitting, and drawing. She also loves to read, write, and play her flute.

Today I am doing a guest post for my sister Elizabeth. My aunt showed me how to do this awesome craft! It is a decorated plate.

First, I needed to get gather my supplies which are:

      · a white plate
· colored permanent markers

· Clorox wipes

· stencils
Some of my supplies

Next, I took some permanent markers, stencils, and a white plate.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to draw, so I just started drawing but I didn’t like it, so I wiped it away with a Clorox wipe.  It took me about twenty times until I knew exactly what I wanted to draw! 

My awesome plate!
Finally, I put the plate in the oven at 350 degrees for thirty minutes. Then I turned the oven off and left the plate in the oven for two hours. After that, I took the plate out and let it sit on a counter for twenty-four hours.
Now I can use the plate to eat off of. I would only use it for non juicy things. The plate is not dishwasher safe.  

Plates made by my older brothers

Plates made by my younger brothers

Thank you, K!! Didn't she do a wonderful job? I just love how her plate turned out. I made a plate too with quotes from the Hobbit written all over it for a friend. These make great gifts and there are so many possibilities! Plain white mugs are another option if you don't want to do a plate. It was a very inexpensive project too - we found the plates at the dollar store.


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  1. The plates look great! What a fun craft to try. My 7 yr old would LOVE to try this.
    Thanks for the awesome idea!