Monday, May 14, 2012

Jolie Pouf Skirt

Here is another skirt I made recently. It is the Jolie Pouf Skirt from Kay Whit's Fashion Formula Skirts, Vol. 2.

This skirt was very fun to make. It has everything you could ever want in a skirt - scallops, ruffles, a drawstring, an underskirt and an overskirt.

The ruffle is attached to the underskirt, and the overskirt and underskirt are sewed together. Then the yoke is attached. I decided to make a drawstring waistband, instead of elastic. The scallops are made at the very end by making markings a certain distance apart. For my skirt they were 11". Then, you make accordion pleats and sew the pleat down with a tight zigzag stitch. After some pressing and pulling you have nice scallops.

There were no pattern pieces for this skirt. The directions were very detailed and easy to follow. I know it is going to be a new favorite of mine because it is very comfortable and fun to wear.

I used cotton fabric that I bought online from Canton Village Quilt Works.

Just for fun, I wanted to twirl in this skirt:

Have a great day!


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