Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gabrielle Godet Skirt and 15 for 15 remix

I have another skirt to show you today! If you haven't already guessed, skirts are one of my favorite things to make. They are quick and easy. This one took me a few days, just because I did not sit down to work on it all at once. It is called the Gabrielle Godet skirt and it is from Kay Whitt's Fashion Formula Skirts Volume 2.

This was my first experience with godets and it went fairly well. They aren't perfect, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I love the fabric! It is a very long a flowy skirt; perfect for summer!

In other news, I have decided to participate in Ashley's summer event called 15 for 15 remix. The idea is to take 15 items (tops, skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, shoes, any item you have in your closet) and you remix them for 15 days. Accessories don't count as part of the 15 items. I have never done anything like this before, so I am excited to try it. I think it will be a good challenge for me! It runs from June 1 - June 15. I will have a post with my 15 items soon.


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