Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy September!

It is September and that means National Sewing Month! I have not been blogging, but I thought today would be a great day to come back. I don't have any recent sewing projects to share right now, but I will give you an update on my life since I last blogged in May. I can't believe it has been 3 months since I have blogged, but I have been busy with working and some sewing.

Here are some highlights from the past few months:

In May, I bought my first car! Car shopping was a very stressful experience, but with the help of my dad, I finally found one I liked and that seemed reliable. So far, so good! This trusty 2002 Saturn takes me to and from work and wherever else I need to go. I still need a name for it, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

We also celebrated my "little" brother's high school graduation. This week, he started classes at a community college.

Sewing wise, I started going through my T-shirts and cut out squares for a T-shirt quilt. It's something I've been wanting to do for awhile now. Since I cut out the squares, they have been sitting in a bag in my room. Hopefully I can start sewing them together soon!

In June, two of my siblings and I ran a local community color run. It was so much fun! We were definitely full of color by the end of the race.

In July, I took the most amazing road trip to Kansas and met my penpal of 15 years. Highlights of the trip were meeting my penpal and her family, visiting things around Kansas including an underground salt mine.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday at the end of July, Jane Austen style. I had a few friends over and we played some Austen inspired games, had a tea party with cake and watched 'Persuasion'. It was a great birthday.

In August, I had fun watching the Olympics after work and cheering on some of my favorite athletes from gymnastics and swimming.

We celebrated Miss V's 4th birthday with an 'Elephant and Piggy' party a few weeks ago. I can't believe she is already four years old already!

In August, I entered eight projects in our county fair and won ribbons on each one. The two red/pink shirts in the top left photo earned blue ribbons - they are a Bimaa Sweater for Miss V and a Daytripper top for Miss K. In the top right is a Daytripper top for myself made out of sweatshirt fabric and that earned a blue ribbon. In the bottom right, Miss V's dress earned a red ribbon and my Birkin Flares earned Grand Champion. In the bottom left, my Marigold dress earned a blue ribbon, and my Diamond dress earned blue and Reserve Champion. 

A few days ago, my brother and I went to the MN state fair together. It was packed with hundreds of people, but we had fun! I tried alligator on a stick. We walked until our feet hurt, but it was worth it! It's always fun at the great MN get together!

So, that is my summer in a nutshell! I hope to be back with a sewing project soon!


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