Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pineapple Lady Skater

Hello! I have a new Lady Skater dress to show you made in pineapple knit fabric! I have been eyeing this pineapple fabric from Girl Charlee for a long time. My mom surprised me with it after I finished all my finals a few weeks ago and I decided to make a new dress for myself.

This is my fourth Lady Skater dress. You can see my other ones here, here, and here. As I have said before, this is on the top of my favorite pattern list! I find myself wearing a Lady Skater dress at least once a week. The knit fabric makes it so comfortable and easy to wear. 

I had a little bit of trouble with the neckband because I didn't read the directions all the way through. I thought I knew how to make it by now. I learned always read the directions no matter how many times you've made the pattern. I emailed Amanda, from Kitschy Coo and she told me right away what I was doing wrong. It was an easy fix - I wasn't matching the neckband to the right part of the front bodice!

I wanted the whole dress to be made of the same fabric. However, I ended up changing the cuffs because the pineapple fabric wasn't stretchy enough and it was way too tight around my arms. The pattern suggests fabric of 40% stretch and the pineapple fabric is only 30% stretch. I made it work though and I think the green cuffs look great with it! 

Here's a close up of the bodice. The fabric is so cute and it will be such a fun dress to wear!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! See you in 2015!



  1. I like the green cuffs with the pineapples :) Great save! This pattern looks so nice on you and yay for mom surprising you with the fabric :D Merry xmas to you and your family Elizabeth!

  2. The pineapple fabric looks good. Good job on the dress.

  3. So cute! I adore the fun pineapple print.

  4. The pineapple print is amazing! I agree that Skater dresses are extremely comfortable. Job well done. Happy New Year!


  5. Hi it's Nicole from The Girl Charlee Team! This dress is so cute!! We would love to feature it in an upcoming Knit Picks post on the blog. If you're interested, be sure to email a couple of pictures to gcblog@girlcharlee.com :)

    Thank you!