Friday, September 19, 2014

Lulu Dresses

Recently, I sewed up the Lulu Dress by Craftiness is not Optional. It is an adorable little dress with endless options. You can make it cap sleeve or sleeveless, all knit or knit and woven, top or dress length. You also have the option of including a faux button placket, a shirt pocket, skirt pockets, or a faux drawstring.

For Miss V's dress, I decided to make the all knit dress length with a little shirt pocket.

I made the size 2T and it fits my sister perfectly! She loves the dress, but was not excited for the photos!

The binding on the sleeves and neck is sewn on in a way that encases the raw edges - similar to bias tape. The fox fabric wasn't stretch enough to use for binding, so I used some black ribbing. It worked pretty well, the only downside being that it was pretty thick to sew through.

The waist has an elastic casing, which provides a slight gather to the skirt.

The fabric I used was leftover from this top I made earlier this year. I had just enough fabric left and my sister loves the little foxes on her dress. The black ribbing and the grey for the pocket were both from fabric I found at the thrift store. 

I enjoyed making the first Lulu Dress so much that I decided to make another one! This time I used pink knit for the bodice and a woven fabric for the skirt and pocket. The woven fabric is actually from a women's button down shirt I bought at a garage sale last year. I had to be very strategic in my cutting, but I managed to squeeze out just enough for the skirt!

The tiny little pocket is just adorable, don't you think?

I made both of these dresses in one day! They were such a fast and easy project! The pattern is excellent as well. There are well detailed diagrams outlining each step so it very clear as to what you should be sewing. I'll admit that I made a mistake on the first dress though it was no fault of the pattern.
I accidentally sewed the pocket to the back bodice instead of the front! The fabric ripped a little when I was taking it off, so luckily I had enough fabric to cut another back bodice piece out. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Any sewing plans?



  1. Aw she is so cute! Foxes are a favorite around here, I have the light blue ones on my sewing table for when I feel better. Those cute tiny pockets make me smile. Great job on these (and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog - still not feeling well but trying to work through it)

  2. these are SO adorable. I am loving the pink with the black and white fabric especially!! glad you enjoyed the pattern!