Friday, October 2, 2015

Marigold Dress

Meet my newest dress - the Marigold! The first item to cross off my fall sewing plans list. I am part of the Blank Slate Patterns facebook group and there was a sew along for the Marigold over these past couple of weeks. It was the perfect motivation to finally sew this dress. 

I have no idea what kind of fabric this is, as I bought it from a thrift store for $3.99. It was at least 3.5 yards and I was determined to make the long sleeve version. I had planned on lengthening the skirt a bit, but after trying to match up all the stripes I had barely enough fabric to cut the skirt out as is! I held my breath cutting it out because I wanted it to work out - and it did! I love how this dress turned out.

I love that this dress has pockets! I'm always forgetting to add them if there isn't a pattern piece. I wasn't intending to use a contrasting color for the pockets, but I ran out of the main fabric. I like how it adds a pop of color to the dress!
As you can see, the stripes don't match across the skirt again, because I was short on fabric. I am really happy with how the bodice and sleeve stripes match though. 

This was only my second time making a sleeve placket and I still find them challenging. Melissa has excellent photos in the pattern instructions to walk you through the entire placket making process. The hardest part was making the ends of my plackets pointy. 

Look how the stripes line up in the back! Do you see the yoke?

I found the perfect buttons for my dress - a package with all four of the main colors of my fabric!

This dress is so comfortable and I can't wait to wear it this fall! The temperatures are finally starting to cool down here, and it's looking more like fall. It's one of my favorite seasons!



  1. SO CUTE!!! I seriously need to try this pattern. I love simple shirtdress - and this one fits the bill! Great for just a casual day out -- or you could dress it up with a colored cardigan and some jewelry! Great job!

  2. Great dress! The fabric reminds me of books in a library, in a good way, I love it! I like sew along's too. I love that you can always refer back to them.

  3. Gorgeous!! Looks like a perfect autumn dress, it'd look great with boots :)