Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall, Headbands, & Sewing

 Happy October! Fall is definetely my favorite season, especially around this time of year when all the leaves start changing colors and the weather is cooler. It makes me happy! I enjoy morning runs around the lakes near my college and everything is so pretty right now. The leaves are starting to change to red and orange, but there is still some green left and you can also hear the crunch beneath your feet.

Fall also means everything pumpkin and apple! I can't decide which I like better...I love pumpkin bars, pumpkin spice lattes, and pumpkin pie but apple crisp and apple pie are great too!

School is keeping me busy, with midterms right around the corner! I have found some time for sewing and it is such a huge stress reliever. I made this headband out of leftover fabric from a project I made last weekend (which I'll be showing you soon - for now you get a sneak peak of the fabric). It is a textured knit in my favorite color...turquoise!

The headband is really comfortable and was so quick to sew. I just happened to have a long narrow rectangle left over from my other project and it inspired me to make a headband! I just straightened the edges, hemmed each long end by 1/2" and then sewed the short ends together adjusting until I had a good fit. I also made it a little narrower in the back so it fits better around my ears. Quick sewing projects can be so satisfying!
What's your favorite part of fall? Do you prefer pumpkin or apple?


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  1. i find baby headbands really cute. Not that ladies don't look good, but with babies the cuteness is really awesome.