Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why I Sew

Once upon a time I discovered the world of sewing. I wrote a little bit about how I learned to sew in this post, but I wanted to share a little more about why I sew. So many times I hear people say to me, "You made that? Wow, I could never sew" or "I wish I could do that." These conversations make me realize how lucky I am to have the ability to sew. Although interest is coming back sewing is a lost art in a way.
One of my first projects was the snowman quilt pictured above. Looking back, I have no idea how I got through it. Two-inch squares and triangles made for a lot of tears and seam-ripping for 11 year old me. I still have the quilt, although it's hidden in the back of my closet where I never have to look at it. The squares don't match up, the rows are definitely not straight, and I had no idea what I was doing with the binding.

It got the job done.  :-D
But even with all the imperfections I kept going. Looking back, that quilt makes me smile and brings back so many memories of learning to sew.

Sewing is a creative outlet for me. I love being creative and being able to take a piece of fabric and turn it into something useful, pretty, wearable, or comfortable. That bolt of blue denim from Jo-Ann's? It has become a skirt worn all the time. Those scraps leftover from other projects? They are now potholders used to prettify (is that even a word?) the kitchen.

Sewing takes my mind off other things. I'm in nursing school and it can be IS very stressful. My favorite kind of study breaks include sewing.

Sewing allows me to express myself. I enjoy sewing my own clothes and that allows me to have a very unique wardrobe. I can wear something I made rather than the "normal" everyday college uniform of pajamas or sweat pants.

For me, the process of creating clothing is so much more satisfying than the process of shopping.

Finally, sewing reminds me that I'm not perfect. My little snowman quilt is far from perfect, BUT I have made progress. If someone had told 11 year old me that I would be sewing clothes and blogging, I would've looked at my quilt and laughed. My sewing now is far from perfect. My sewing will never be perfect, but I don't want perfection. I just want to make progress.

Thanks for reading my ramblings! I had a bit of a rough day yesterday and I realized there's a reason for everything and God has a plan for each of us. It may not always be easy and we'll never reach perfection, but we can make progress.
Why do you sew? What was your first project?

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  1. Sewing definitely mends the soul. I hope you are having a better day - sending positive thoughts your way!