Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hello everyone!

It's been quiet over here, although I do have a few sewing projects that I hope to show you soon! I am away from my sewing machine and will be all summer :( because I am working at a summer language camp. The camp has been awesome so far and I am learning a lot. My job is working at the health center with the camp nurse. There's been one week of camp and we've seen sprained ankles, scraps, coughs, sprained arms, tick bites, dehydration. I try to have fun during the day too. When we're not busy we can join in on the activities. I hope to try archery at some point! The food here is amazing...they make food from the target language's culture. Tomorrow we have 112 new campers coming! Here is a view from the lake. It is beautiful! I like walking down there to just sit and look out at the water.

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad in the world!! Here are ten things I love about my dad.
1. He runs with me even though I may be slow.
2. He is great with computers.
3. He is smart.
4. He taught me how to drive.
5. He's always there for me.
6. He is a hard worker.
7. He knows how to have fun and joke around.
8. He supports me in what I do.
9. He always helped me with math.
10. He takes time to spend with us kids.
I love you dad!

Also, you can now follow my blog with bloglovin. With Google Reader going away on July 1, I finally imported all my blogs from Google Reader to Bloglovin. It's kinda confusing to me, but does anyone know if Google Friend Connect is going away too? Or is it just Google Reader?

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