Monday, April 1, 2013

The Covert Robin - What I Made

I had so much fun participating in the Covert Robin swap hosted by imagine gnats! Now that my package is mailed off I can share what I made for my partner. It was challenging at first, beause my partner does not have a blog, so I wasn't able to do any blog stalking. However, after a bit of googling I found her on pinterest and that gave me some ideas.

I decided to make my partner a patchwork dishcloth and matching potholders! She seems to like cooking and I thought it would be a useful gift that would brighten up her kitchen! I originally started with squares and darker colors for the towel, but decided to go with strips of fabric and more spring-like fabrics.

The front of the towel is strips of cotton fabric sewn together in rows. It measures about 9" x 15", if I remember correctly. The back is yellow terrycloth cut from a kitchen towel (it was a bamboo towel and it's sooo soft). I quilted the two layers together by stitching in the ditch so it won't move around too much.
The potholders are 8" squares using leftover fabric from the towel. I quilted these too and then sewed a binding on to finish the edges.
It's almost too pretty to use! I hope my partner likes her gift - it should be arriving at her house today!


  1. Those look so cute and spring-y!! love them! I'm sure she will too!

  2. Looks lovely - your recipient is sure to love them

  3. It's me, It's ME!! *I* am the LUCKY recipient of these lovely goodies! Thank you SO MUCH, Elizabeth! They fabric is so bright and spring-y - exactly my style :) I hope you don't mind - the set will be split up, because the towel is actually a *perfect* match to be a hand towel in the guest bathroom. The walls are a pale yellow and I have a painting on the wall of flowers in a window box - and now the perfect towel to hang there! And the potholders will live around the corner in the kitchen - they are so pretty! Thank you again, " Covert Robin Elizabeth" - it is a lovely gift :) ~Linda

  4. ooooh so spring like...very pretty!!!