Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sewing Swap - What I Made and Received

Hello everyone! Remember when I posted about the sewing swap I was participating in? Well, we have all gotten our assignments, sent off and recieved packages!

I was paired with Jen, and from the survey questions she answered, I found out she likes the colors green, purple and bright pink, and that she loves coffee. Based on this, I wanted to make something with those colors. I also found some coffee fabric in my scrap pile and I thought it would be perfect!

Side 1 of the coffee cozies

So, I decided to make her some coffee cozies. I combined several different tutorials I found because I wanted the cozies to be reversible and have a button closure. Since they are reversible, she has four different choices!

Side 2 of the coffee cozies

The cozies fit a standard size cup from Caribou or Starbucks (they would fit other cups of similiar size too). I bought a small coffee from Caribou just to be sure! It gave me an excuse to buy coffee! They work great and are much more prettier than the cardboard sleeve.

The ugly cardboard sleeve!

I had so much fun sewing for Jennifer and I was so happy to hear she liked the cozies!

The pretty fabric sleeve!

I had so much fun sewing, but I was also very excited to get my own package. I don't get much mail here at college, so I was jumping with excitement when I got an email saying "You got a package." As soon as I could, I went to the front desk of my apartment and picked up my package.

Kevin sewed for me and he did a wonderful job. I am so happy with what I received!!


It's a little purse/clutch with some of my favorite colors! I love turquoise and green. The outside fabric is not cotton - it is heavier than cotton, but not as heavy as home decor fabric. I'm not sure what type of fabric it is, but I really like it. The lining is black felt.

It is the perfect size to carry with me when I only want to bring a few things and leave my larger purse at home.

 It has a very pretty button on it with a closure. When I opened the bag, I found another surprise inside:

 A felt tissue holder! It will be perfect to have when I'm at class or out and about. I will have a place to put my tissues and I will know where to find them! I love the flower details on it too!

Thank you so much, Kevin!! I will be using these a lot.

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  1. I love all of the fabrics that you received and sent.