Friday, November 4, 2016

Lane Raglan

I may not be blogging much lately, but I have been sewing! A few weeks ago, I made myself this Lane Raglan. I received the pattern for my birthday in July and just now got around to making it. I had seen it around the blogosphere so many times and it seemed like a great basic T-shirt pattern to add to my collection!

The Lane has so many options to choose from. I decided to go with long sleeves and a curved hem. I used contrasting mustard color fabric for the sleeves and hem bands.

The fabric is from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, one of my newest favorite places to fabric shop. The grey and white polka dot fabric is french terry and the mustard is rayon spandex. I've never sewn with french terry before, but I will be using it again! It is easy to sew with and really comfortable to wear.

The Lane was very easy to sew and the pattern is very easy to follow. However, the day I sewed this, I was making so many mistakes. The first mistake I made was cutting the front bodice opposite of the grain. I wasn't paying attention, and the fabric stretches both ways. So of course I didn't notice until it was cut. I only had 1 yard of fabric, so there wasn't much I could do.

The next mistake I made was to sew the neckband on backwards! With the raglan style, it is hard to tell the front from the back. By the time I had sewn on the neckband, finished the seam and topstitched I realized the neckband seam was in the front! I wasn't going to seam rip out all my hard work, so I just finished sewing.

The front seam really bothered me, so I decided instead of starting all over I was going to add a contrasting square over the seam. It worked really well and I think it adds to the top!

Even with all my mistakes, the Lane only took about an hour and a half to make. It's a great afternoon project! I have another one cut and ready to sew.

What have you been sewing lately? 


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  1. I love raglans and french terry; your top is perfect for fall with those colors! I honestly didn't know there were any mistakes made until I read your details. I think the contrasting square on the neckline is cute!
    When I am sewing shirts I like to use a sliver of soap to mark the back - that way I'm not struggling to find it after everything is all sewn up! :)